Urban lamp

Urban Lamp

team Katerina Kotzia (GR), Korina Philoxenidou (GR), Spiros I Papadimitriou (GR), Sebastian Duque (CO), Roubini Makridou (GR)

This urban-pier system is an opportunity to incorporate punctual activities into the urban-pulse of the city's water front. Our main concern was to manage maximum impact at urban scale, together with a minimum construction footprint effective in operating at local level.

The project proposes a plaza-furnishing system fully covered by a light-surface which during day performs as canopy and during night as an "urban-lamp". The 120m2-programm initially required by the brief is split in two architectonic devices:

A light metal space-frame wrapped in fabric, which covers the entire pier-area given by the brief (345m2). Its shape is the result of adapting the initial 6m-hegiht extruded pier, to the sunlight and wind-direction specificities of each location. The fabric produces shade, wind and even rain protection and it is equipped with a lighting set that transforms it into an illuminated screen visible at far distance.

A system of function-based units which optimises the built area allocating the needed passenger-services in a minimum space of 40m2, and allows flexibility in size and distribution according to specific needs (e.g. to eliminate a newspaper-kiosk which doesn't sale and add a needed extra bicycle-rack)

status competition
program pier station
plot area 345 sqm / per pier
built area 120 sqm / per pier
organized by Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks
location Thessaloniki, Greece
date 2011

awards honorable mention

4 stations along thermaikos bay
front view
side view
one scenario for each station
Peraia station
Eleutherias square station
Eleutherias square station
Music Hall station
Eleutherias square station