AAA-ttic (stair)

team Sebastian Duque (CO), Armando Duque (CO)- onsite supervision

status built
program apartment renovation
area 52 sqm
budget 92.000.000 col pesos
client private
location Bogota, Colombia
date 2018

The intervention area is a sort of double-height extra space gained under the inclined roof of the building. It is paradoxical: it is a leftover, wrongly articulating a number of disparate uses, while potentially being the best room of the apartment, enjoying permanent sunlight and access to a terrace with panoramic view to the city's north-west. The project proposes three strategic changes to unleash this potential:

1- A new stair allowing spatial fluidity (realised)
The original stair appeared as an obstacle, breaking the relation between the dinning and the leaving room (an unfortunate location forced by the concrete bridge that gives access the roof). Due to the type of handrails used, the relation between floors was also ambiguous. To gain both visual and functional integration of the spaces involved, we decided to make vertical elements transparent and to conceive most handrails and supports as actual furniture: a library, a desk, and a bench.

2- A new window-bench to foster terrace use (planned)
The introduction of a fully foldable transparent door, standing on a continuous bench, which allows permanent use of the terrace by a double function: when sunny, it is a terrace deck; when rainy, it is a bay window.

3- A transformation into single and equipped bedroom (planned)
The demolition of all partitions, in order to transform the space into a single spacious bedroom, equipped with a walking closet, a row of drawers and a bathroom with a skylight.