One roof MCRedux

One Roof (MC Redux)

TeamSebastian Duque (CO), Roubini Makridou (GR)

Status collection of ideas
Program reuse of a small building on the waterfront
built area 685 sqm
plot area 6300 sqm
organized by 49th Dimitria Festival
location Thessaloniki, Greece
date 2014

The project is an invitation to an ideas competition about the future of Maison Crystal, following a number of online-ideas posted by citizens of Thessaloniki on the organiser's Facebook page. The former café & recreation facility, now abandoned and owned by the Municipality of Thessaloniki, is located on one of the most privileged plots of the city’s waterfront.
The proposal is an urban-scale canopy capable to accommodate all potential programs that citizens of Thessaloniki can imagine. A floating inclined prism liberates the ground floor, inviting the public to perform multiple activities, while restoring the relation between the waterfront’s linear park and the rest of the city. This giant roof stands on a multitude of thin vertical columns that interact with the current construction of the "Maison Crystal". The roof’s perforations are oversized openings that bring light to the sheltered area, and create sub-zones for possible activities at the public ground floor. It is thick enough to allow the allocation of program, complementing, with indoor use, the external activates. The existing building volume of the Maison Crystal will act as a foyer, the core that articulates the ground floor's external activities with the program inside the roof.