Folded Urbanity

Folded Urbanity,spectators’ acommodation

tutored by: Elias Zenghelis, assisted by: Pier Vittorio Aureli
final jury: Yushi Uehara, Cristophe Girot, Tak Hoshino, Peter Wilson, Alexandro Zaera Polo, Vendran Mimica, Roemer vanToorn, Alexander d’ Hooghe.

In an agricultural area, the project introduces temporary urban spots capable to accommodate the number of spectators attending the Olympic Games. Strategic segments of existing agricultural roads are extruded
in order to develop an urban infrastructure permanently available but only activated during the event. A frame, 200m long-120m height, is created. Hanging on its structure, floors, walls and escalators are dismountable and can be stored in the permanent rigid outline. The coexistence of urban and rural condition
is achieved: ultimate urbanity keeps a direct contact to the surrounding nature. Extruded lines behave as
two extreme objects: high-density apartment slabs during the event and sculptural frames in the in between