My own private garden

"My Private Own Garden"

team Dimitris Gourdoukis (GR), Fotis Vasilakis (GR), Vasilis Dovros (GR), Spiros I Papadimitriou (GR), Katerina Trifwnidou (GR), Theodora Christoforidou (GR), Sebastian Duque (CO), Roubini Makridou (GR)

Is a social-housing ideas competition for Europe-based architects under 45, organised by the Greek Institute of architecture (E.I.A.) and the Organisation of Housing for Workers (O.E.K.). On a 6.500 m² site located in the Axios Department, near the city of Thessaloniki, the brief required the design (under ecological principles) of a maximum number of low-income dwellings of no more than two stories height. The program was divided in two types: A. Three-room 105-115 m² (40%) and B. Two-room 80-90 m² (60%).

The main concern of the design team was to provide equal conditions to all units, including: direct street access, ground-garden, and south-façade. The site was divided in east-west stripes to conform single-plots. Each unit was given a central-patio around which are distributed social-activities such us eating, chatting, and cooking. Second-floor rooms where defined as autonomous boxes with the potential to be covered by solar-panels, and which could be added at will, to obtain the two or three rooms required. A shift back-and-forth in the position of each unit in respect to its neighbour allows all patios to get all-day sunshine. Plot-boundaries are constructed with pierced concrete-modules whose perforations vary in diameter according to sun-shine or privacy preferences.

status competition
program housing
plot area 6500 sqm
built area 3200 sqm
budget € 1.500 / sqm (+tax)
client OEK (Organisation of Housing for Workers)
location Axios Thessaloniki, Greece
date 2010

awards 3rd mention