Raised square

Raised Square

team Spiros I Papadimitriou (GR), Aris Konizakis (GR), Sebastian Duque (CO), Roubini Makridou (GR)

jury Hrvoje NJIRI? (Architect, Njiri?+arhitekti,Prof., Technical University of Graz, Croatia), Peter L. WILSON (Architect, Prof., Bolles&Wilson Architects, Australia), Jürgen Hermann MAYER ( Architect, Prof., JHMayer Architect, Germany), Christoph GRUNENBERG (Curator, PhD, Tate Liverpool Director Great Britain), Stojan SKALICKY (Architect, City architect of Maribor, Slovenia), Matevž ?ELIK (Architect, Editor TrajekT, Slovenia) Marko STUDEN (Architect)

status international, one-stage competition
program The New Maribor Art Gallery
area 14.810 sqm
organized by European Capital of Culture, Drava River 2012
location Maribor, Slovenia

Raised Square is a strategy for the new UGM: a multi-storeyed terrace that plugs-in urban pedestrian paths at different levels generating a hub that stimulates cultural and social activity. Departing from the natural topography, it introduces a series of stripes which unfold at different heights bringing pedestrian flow to the interior activity. This system, composed by continuous and stepped ramps, connects the embankment with the market square through a boomerang-like path whose gravitational centre operates as the main plaza. In Raised Square there is no under/over ground, there are just different levels of a continuous open space.
The program is divided in three main categories according to their lighting needs: direct, controlled and not-required. On the ground level, the main plaza offers a smooth topography that provides natural lighting-means for the gallery area underneath, as well as seating areas which allow different social activities: from simple view contemplation to open air cinema and artistic performance.