team Sebastian Duque (CO), Roubini Makridou (GR)

This project explores tricks of space duplication. Limenas is the port of Thasos island, a place which back in history enjoyed great wealth and a solid tradition in stone and marble crafts. This small renovation takes place on a traditional house built in the middle of the 20th century. It is the only house of the waterfront which remained "untouched", after a dictatorship-period in which rampant demolition was approved and five story buildings rapidly emerged transforming the port's skyline. Regulations changed back to preservation, and the house has been left frozen in history with no expansion possibilities. The clients' desire was to transform the four-room plan (kitchen, storage and two bedrooms) into a modern apartment with two rooms and a big living-dining-kitchen space. To gain this needed space, an extra area was "stolen" from the staircase's area, transforming the former storage room into a double bedroom. The spatial knot generated by this elevated bed is articulated with a stair for future attic-expansion as well as a wide sliding door which, when wide open, integrates the children's room to the living.

status built
program house appartment
built area 55 sqm
budget € 22.000
client private
location Thasos, Greece
date 2009