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GA office

team Design: Sebastian Duque, (CO), Roubini Makridou (GR); Furniture Design: Juan Pablo Rodríguez (CO), S. Duque, R. Makridou; Graphic Design: Ana Vélez (CO); Construction: Felipe Hoyos (CO)

A lawyers' bureau needed a new spatial arrangement in accordance to their new working strategy. The change was based on the need to increase public spaces (reception and meeting rooms) while limiting accessibility to the lawyer's private offices. The elevators-hall was integrated with the main meeting room through a generous and continuous space which encompasses the reception hall with the buffer zone. The buffer zone is a stripe of bookshelves allocating the bureau's large library which isolates individual offices from public access. However sharp this boundary is, it has been conceived as an in-between space which is functionally restrictive, but perceptively it belongs to the public.

status built
program office
built area 230 sqm
budget COL$ 112.000.000
client private
location Bogota, Colombia
date 2006

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