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s e r o architects

Campaign offices

team Sebastian Duque (CO), Roubini Makridou (GR)

A shopping-mall ground floor was turned, in one week time, to the campaign-quarters of a socio-ecologic party. The intention was to use the former shop-windows as a permeable buffer between the street and the interior. By using "green-roofing" techniques, these spaces were "cropped" with spice-plants and flowers of different kinds. Independent and self-characterised Dry-wall volumes where used to divide private and public activities and, superficially, were worked-out in cooperation with a graphic-design team. Originally designed (and fairly cheap) furniture like lounge-stools, grass-carpets and hanging-paper lamps, never made their way to come to real. Nevertheless we won the elections.

consultant Lois Papadopoulos
graphics designersunited
construction Akis Aggelidis
landscape oikoenergeiaki

status built
program political campaign offices
area 375 sqm
client Protovoulia 2010
location Thessaloniki, Greece
date 2010

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